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Texas Criminal History System: How it Works and What You Need to Know

By Sholdon Daniels

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If you're interested in the criminal history system in Texas, you may want to know how it works and what the implications are for people with a criminal record. The criminal history system is an important part of the Texas justice system, and it is designed to keep track of individuals who have been arrested or convicted of a crime. This system is used by law enforcement agencies, courts, and other government agencies to make important decisions about people and their criminal histories.

Under Texas law, criminal history information is maintained by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). This information is collected from various sources, including law enforcement agencies, courts, and other government agencies. Once this information is collected, it is organized and made available to certain authorized agencies and personnel.

The criminal history system includes information about arrests, convictions, and other dispositions of criminal cases. This information is used to determine eligibility for certain types of employment, licenses, and other privileges. It's also used to determine whether someone is eligible for parole or probation, and it can impact sentencing decisions in criminal cases. Usually, your criminal history carries significant weight in the minds of prosecutors, judges, and jury-people.

If you have a criminal record in Texas, it's important to understand how the criminal history system works and what your rights are. You may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged, which can help you move on from your past mistakes and avoid negative consequences in the future.

To learn more about the criminal history system in Texas and how it may impact you, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment at my law firm. However, understand that the information presented in this blog post is merely intended to provide general information about the criminal history system in Texas. It's not legal advice, and it should not be relied upon as such.

If you have specific legal questions or concerns, you may consult with me, Attorney Sholdon Daniels, and I can provide you with personalized advice based on your individual circumstances. My honor and passion is helping people like you understand your rights and explore your options for moving forward.

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