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Television, with its captivating stories and boundless possibilities, is a dynamic platform for creative minds like yours. As an entertainment lawyer with a passion for the TV industry, I am thrilled to share some of the primary ways I can steer your TV business career towards stardom. From development to distribution, I'll be your strategic partner, ensuring your journey through the television landscape is both fruitful and fulfilling.

Television set

Content Development and Protection
At the heart of every successful TV venture is compelling content. I'll work closely with you to develop, protect, and monetize your TV ideas, scripts, and concepts, ensuring your creative genius is securely safeguarded.


Network and Studio Negotiations
Navigating the world of TV networks and studios requires finesse and tenacity. I'll skillfully negotiate deals and licensing agreements, ensuring you secure the best terms for your TV projects.


Talent and Crew Collaborations
Behind every great TV show are talented individuals who breathe life into the characters and stories. I'll assist you in crafting talent and crew agreements, selecting the perfect cast and crew to bring your vision to life.


Financing and Co-Production
Obtaining funding for TV projects can be complex. I'll help you explore financing options and co-production opportunities, ensuring your TV ventures are well-funded and attract top-tier collaborators.


Intellectual Property Management
Your TV creations are a testament to your brilliance. I'll handle all aspects of intellectual property management, from copyrights to trademarks, ensuring your TV shows remain distinctively yours.


Distribution Strategies
Successfully navigating the TV distribution landscape is crucial to reaching your audience. I'll guide you through global distribution strategies, ensuring your shows captivate viewers across borders.


Contractual Obligations and Compliance
In the ever-evolving TV industry, staying on top of contractual obligations and industry regulations is vital. I'll ensure your TV business remains compliant, minimizing legal risks and maximizing opportunities.


Licensing and Merchandising
TV shows have the potential to extend beyond the screen. I'll explore licensing and merchandising opportunities, helping you turn your TV creations into profitable ventures.


Branding and Marketing
In a competitive TV landscape, effective branding and marketing are essential. I'll work with you to craft a powerful brand identity and devise strategic marketing campaigns to propel your TV career forward.


Dispute Resolution and Crisis Management
In the unpredictable world of TV production, challenges may arise. I'll act swiftly in dispute resolution and crisis management, protecting your interests and keeping your TV projects on track.

As your dedicated entertainment lawyer, I am committed to empowering your TV business career. From inception to distribution and every step in between, I'll be your trusted ally in making your mark on the television industry.


Unleash your TV business potential. Reach out for a consultation today, and let's set the stage for your TV career triumphs.

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