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As a native of Grayson county, I opened my first office in Downtown Sherman back in 2014.  Today, I still have that office, but I also have an office located in Downtown Dallas to better serve more clients from all over the DFW metroplex.  Please schedule an appointment to meet with me at either location today!

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1910 Pacific Avenue, 14th Floor, Suite 14145

My office is located just a few city blocks away from the county and federal courts, major hospitals, and the Dallas County Jail. Also located near my office are any number of fine restaurants, lodging and outstanding retail establishments, some of which are just a short walk away from my building. Nearby dining options include: Starbucks, Subway, Quiznos, SushiYaa, and Noodle Nexus.


The Boardwalk Building, 100 North Travis, Suite 202

Besides being located one block away from the Grayson County Justice center, my Sherman office is across the street from retail and dining options, barbershops, salons, and the probation and bond supervision offices.  Reach out and set up and appointment with me today at either of my locations.

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