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Why Is Jury Service a Civic Duty and a Privilege?

Your participation in the judicial system is important to Texas, and it should be important to you too!

Both the Constitution of the United States and the Texas Constitution guarantee the right to a trial by jury. That right has long been considered a fundamental safeguard of each American's civil liberties-including yours. God forbid you are ever accused of a crime; but if you are on trial in Texas, you're going to want an impartial jury. With your participation as a Texas juror, our constitutional right to an impartial jury is protected. As noted by the Honorable Tom C. Clark, Texan and former justice of the United States Supreme Court, "The jury system improves the quality of justice and is the sole means of keeping its administration attuned to community standards."

Jury service is a privilege that offers the average citizen an unequaled opportunity to influence and deliberate over fundamental matters of justice. As a juror, you are in a position of both power and great responsibility. You will need to be fair, impartial, and be willing to make decisions that are not based on your personal feelings and biases.

"The men and women who are called upon to serve on juries in both our federal and state courts have maintained a standard of fairness and excellence throughout the history of our country. They have demonstrated a vision and a will toward the administration of justice that is a wellspring of inspiration." -U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren (1962)

If you ever get the opportunity to serve on a jury, take it. It is a very rewarding and unique experience that you will most likely remember for the rest of your life.

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