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How To Unlock Your Unclaimed Property In Texas?

Texas lawyer, Sholdon T. Daniels, can help you claim and secure lost wealth in Texas.

Sholdon Daniels works with executors, guardians, administrators, trustees, individuals, businesses, families, and even those living outside of Texas in order to reclaim property. You, or someone you know, may have thousands of dollars out there just waiting to be claimed. If you think you have some unclaimed property out there, contact the law office of Attorney Sholdon Daniels, PLLC right away!

I can help you recover lost wealth in the form of oil royalties, gas royalties, insurance money, retirement funds, investment accounts, dividend payments, money judgments, bank accounts, trusts, rebates, utility deposits, court registry money, sales proceeds, real estate, rebates, overpayments, and business interests. Rightful owners have recovered over 3 Billion dollars in unclaimed property in Texas alone-and you could be missing out on your lost wealth!

If you have lived in Texas or currently live in Texas, there is a chance that you have a small amount of money at Texas Unclaimed Property. Most people have less than $1,000 in unclaimed property, and they can easily find it by clicking here and typing in their name. Claiming these smaller sums is often as easy as sending in proof of your identity and collecting your check.

Secure the bag!

Claiming larger sums of wealth is not so simple or convenient, and often involves a lawsuit and filing complicated documents with the court. So, it is wise to hire an attorney to assist you when claiming significant lost wealth. Sholdon Daniels can help you claim significant wealth using the probate process or by working with the state or company to recover your property. For questions about claiming significant amounts of unclaimed property, call or email my office today for a free consultation.

A huge amount of unclaimed wealth and property gets lost every year. This post is about Texas, and Texas is holding BILLIONS in property that was forgetten, lost, or unclaimed. How does so much wealth go unclaimed you ask? Well, it happens more often than you would assume. Sometimes people just forget to collect things like utility deposits after changing addresses, or someone dies unexpectedly, or they become incompetent, or they lose all their financial records and documents to a house fire or disaster. When this happens, the state of Texas holds the unclaimed property until the rightful owners, heirs, or beneficiaries show up to claim it.

Hey, Texas! I'm here for that cash you owe me!

As a Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer, Sholdon Daniels works with heirs and beneficiaries to claim property lost by loved ones. This often involves going through the probate process or confirming the identity of the legal heirs in court. This can be expensive but if your are owed a lot of money, it can be worth it. My office will work on a contigency fee in certain cases, and this is considered on a case-by-case basis. This means that we dont get paid until you get paid, and the legal fees and expenses are recouped out of the recovered property. Call my office at 1-844-SHOLDON (746-5366) to see how I can help you!


A few points of advice on how to find and claim lost property in Texas are:

1. Check the financial records of a recently deceased or incapacitated relative

2. Continue checking their mail for financial records and documents after they die or become incapacitated

3. Check with the government to see if any property was siezed or collected by the state

4. Check their email accounts for financial information and open accounts

5. Hire an attorney to assist you in your search and your reclaimation efforts

Attorney Sholdon Daniels, PLLC has served clients in Texas since 2014, and we would be happy to help you recover lost or unclaimed property in Texas. Chat live with me on my website, email me, or call me to learn how I can help you recover your wealth today!

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