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Hey, People! Support the Black Music Action Coalition!

By Sholdon Daniels

Dear friends,

As a father and pro-black civil rights activist, I am deeply concerned about the ways in which the music industry perpetuates harmful stereotypes and glorifies violence and criminality within the black community. This is a critical issue that must be addressed if we hope to create a brighter future for black Americans and, ultimately, the world at large.

The Black Music Action Coalition is an organization that is working tirelessly to promote positive and uplifting messages through music. They believe, as I do, that music has the power to shape our thoughts and our actions, and that it is critical that we use that power for good.

For too long, young black Americans have been bombarded with messages that glorify violence and criminal behavior. This has a devastating impact on their sense of identity and their aspirations for the future. They are also dying due to it and it's time for us to change that. It's time for us to create a new narrative that celebrates the humanity, the beautiful history, and the creativity of black people, and that challenges the destructive influences that have held us back for so long.

It's no secret that the music industry often perpetuates harmful stereotypes about black artists, encouraging them to engage in conflict and rivalry, while white artists are encouraged to collaborate and work together. This disparity not only perpetuates harmful stereotypes, but it also limits the opportunities for black artists to succeed and reach their full potential.

This double standard is unacceptable and it's time for us to challenge it. We need to support black artists who are breaking down these barriers and promoting positive and uplifting messages through their music. We need to create a music industry that values diversity, inclusiveness, and collaboration, and that provides equal opportunities for all artists to succeed.

At the same time, we must recognize that the music industry is just one part of a larger system that perpetuates racial inequities. That is why it is so critical that we support organizations that are working to create positive change at the systemic level and that are led by pro-black Americans.

In the spirit of progress, I am calling on all of us to support the Black Music Action Coalition in their efforts to promote positive and uplifting messages through music. Let us work together to reduce violence within our communities, and to build a future in which all black Americans have the opportunity to thrive. We need to put pressure on media and radio platforms to divest from black dysfunction and to start becoming part of the solution.

As a proud advocate for equality and justice, I believe that it is our duty to stand up for what is right and to fight for a better future for all black Americans. Let us join together in support of the Black Music Action Coalition. Let us build and grow stronger together, and let us use our collective power to create a more just and equitable world.

Follow me on Twitter at @SholdonDaniels for more.

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