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The Official Guide To Black Entrepreneurship

This book is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact on their communities, and make a fortune in business at the same time. Written with a mission to uplift and unite the black community, this book provides practical tips, real-life stories, and a modern and unapologetic approach to black entrepreneurship that can serve people from any background. From starting your own business to scaling for success, "B.A.N.G!" equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to not only achieve your own financial goals, but also to use your success to benefit and empower others. Join the movement of black entrepreneurs who are leading the charge to create wealth, prosperity, and unity in the black community. Get your copy of "B.A.N.G!" today.

B.A.N.G! Blacks Achieving Next-Level Growth

SKU: 979-8-218-14730-3
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