All over Texas, Attorney Sholdon Daniels represents victims when they need to use litigation to pursue rights, or fight for compensation for damage claims. Litigation is a formal process for settling disputes between two or more parties called the litigants. A litigator represents one party in the dispute and works hard to get a good settlement offer or win a case in the courtroom. Informally, this term means the handling of a lawsuit. Proceedings are held to enforce or defend a client’s legal right. Many lawsuits are settled prior to court, partly because it is faster and less expensive and more beneficial to the client, but other cases that do move into a courtroom are then decided by a judge or jury.

Personal Injury Claims

Our clients get the legal representation they need to fight for justice when they have been wronged or injured. A lawsuit is one way we fight for your rights and get justice. We see many types of cases in our law office, and we work diligently to obtain the best results for our clients. We handle car crashes, slip and fall cases, premises liability cases, animal attack cases, work-related injuries, wrongful death cases, and others.  We are client focused and results driven.  We stand ready to come to your assistance promptly and with a wealth of resources.

Contract Disputes

Litigation is often used to settle contract disputes. Litigation Attorney Sholdon Daniels has handled cases that required intense and dedicated litigation efforts to win the case.  Our firm has represented employers against employee claims for overtime backpay.  We have also handled cases involving wedding vendors and their clients or third party vendors.  We have represented building contractors to help get them the money they have earned.  Sholdon is an honest, ethical professional who is dedicated to helping Texans who need legal representation. We have disposed of hundreds of cases, small to large, including some complex lawsuits that resulted in very high settlement amounts. No case is too small or too large for Attorney Sholdon Daniels.

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When you have a legal dilemma and it appears that a lawsuit is the best way to handle that problem, visit the Texas Litigation Lawyer who wants to help you get the best outcome. Attorney Sholdon Daniels is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He is a methodical and resourceful legal professional who treats each client with the respect and the dignity they deserve. He understands how important your case is to you, and he works to ensure that his clients have all the information they need to know about the legal processes they are going through.

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