Family Law

Helping Texas families work through difficult times is a job that we take seriously. We understand that even in the best situation, problems occur that can lead to conflict between spouses and other family members. Divorce, Separation, Child Custody/Support and other issues that affect all family members can be highly emotional and even harmful. By working together with all parties, Attorney Sholdon Daniels provides the sound advice and gentle direction needed to resolve even the most complex issues.

Family Law Attorney

Family life has many ups and downs; sometimes you need legal advice or representation to find solutions that offer relief and results. Attorney Sholdon Daniels is a client focused, results driven professional with experience helping families resolve their disputes. He also helps them with important matters such as Adoption, Visitation and Domestic Violence. Keeping the best interest of minor children is always important, so the impact of family problems does not cause harm to the precious ones parents love.

Knowledgeable Service

Under Texas Family Law, all types of family issues are addressed, from pre-marital agreements to post-divorce modifications. Child Custody and Support, Visitation and Parenting are always a concern when family problems result in a break-up of a family unit. Children need to be cared for in the best ways possible and not used as pawns to hurt an ex. Continuing contact with parents and other family members is usually the best outcome for minor children when their parents decide that going separate ways is inevitable. However, if there is any potential for harm, protective orders or other legal methods to prevent abuse are available under Texas law.  Call us to help get the legal protection you need.

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Get legal representation from a knowledgeable Texas Family Law Attorney who is compassionate, understanding and ready to help you and your family move forward with best results possible. Attorney Sholdon Daniels wants to help you and your loved ones deal with all family matters whether good or difficult. To discuss your personal situation and how we can help you get optimum results, contact Attorney Sholdon Daniels, PLLC. Call us now, at 1-844-SHOLDON.