Entertainment Law

Attorney Sholdon Daniels represents creative people and their interests by providing entertainment law services. Entertainment law involves a broad range of issues and topics found within the entertainment industry. My firm focuses on intellectual property rights management and rights of publicity management. We also deal with copyrights and trademarks regarding the music and film industries. People who need legal advice in this area of law get the results they want when they call Attorney Sholdon Daniels.

Sports Law

When you think of a “sports lawyer,” do you envision a lawyer who represents only a few high-profile clients, such as professional athletes, pro sports leagues, or famous sports clubs? To the contrary, “sports lawyers” represent a wide variety of clients who need legal advice and representation that usually requires knowledge of several areas of law.. If Litigation is required to reach satisfaction, Attorney Sholdon Daniels is an aggressive fighter for justice, dedicated to helping you win your case.

Counsel for professional leagues and clubs need a general understanding of contract, labor, private association, antitrust, tort, tax, and intellectual property law. Attorney Sholdon Daniels is familiar with labor and employment, contract, federal and state tax, and worker’s compensation law, as well as athlete-agent regulation. I have strong contract negotiation and drafting skills to represent professional sports industry clients.  An understanding of the arbitration process is also important because most employment-related disputes between professional athletes and leagues are resolved by mandatory arbitration. Representation of individuals, educational institutions, and governing bodies that are part of the youth, high school, or college sports industries also requires broad knowledge of contract, private association, tort, and constitutional law.

Although sports lawyers have varied backgrounds, most of them did not obtain full-time employment with sports organizations or have a stable of sports industry clients upon graduation from law school. Rather, they gained legal knowledge, skills, and experience representing clients in other industries that transferred into handling sports-related matters. Very few attorneys spend a majority of their time practicing sports law, but many lawyers serve one or more clients who are part of the professional sports industry.

If you are considering a career as a professional athlete, or if you already are one, contact me for solid and discrete legal representation you can trust.

Sherman, TX, Entertainment Law Attorney

Whether you are an emerging artist or well-established professional, you deserve protection of your intellectual property under the law. Attorney Sholdon Daniels helps clients from across the state preserve their rights this way.  Some of my clients are active in the fields of music, television, film and the arts. Sholdon Daniels has devoted much of his legal practice to work with people in the entertainment industry. His clients are producers, bands, managers, publishers, digital distributors, web designers, teachers, photographers and others who need his help to maintain control over the use of their works.

In this digital age, it becomes even more difficult to protect creative works that are placed online.  The answers are found  within the law and Attorney Sholdon Daniels knows how to research your problem and work out winning solutions.

If you need legal advice, consul or representation to protect your creative property or to represent you as you continue your journey as a professional athlete, contact Attorney Sholdon Daniels, PLLC. Call us now, at 1-844-SHOLDON.